A Fairytale Ballet Birthday Celebrations are truly magical.  Wether you choose from a 1 hour In-Home or 2 hour In-Studio party, your ballerina will be treated like a princess every minute.  Choose from any of our enchanting Fairytales, or customize your own, and we will do the rest.
Birthday Celebrations
Invitations Extended Party Packages and Favors available at select locations for
In-Home or In-Studio: In-Studio Celebrations also include: 1 hour of dancing with tutus/capes, bubbles, and enchanting costumes for each dancer that coordinate with the chosen Fairytale A Ballerina Hostess Exclusive use of our A Fairytale Ballet Studio Set-up and clean-up Gift Log Star wand party favor for each dancer All Birthday Celebrations include: Tiaras & Twirls:  Coordinating tiara decorating craft Beautiful Ballerina:  Ballerina princess hair, make-up, and hair accessory Tutu Much:  Party favor add-on selection of tiara, tutu, or both!