Pre-Ballet Ballet 1  or  Beginning Ballet Ballet 2,  Ballet 3, Beginning Ballet,  and  Modern 10 - 17 years    Class leotard and previous experience required.  
                           *2nd class per week in combination with an additional ballet class. Pre-Pointe,  Repertoire Academy class curriculums focus on terminology, barre, strength, poise, and 
group awareness while concentrating on a select number of Classical Fairytale Ballets a year with an annual Recital and Nutcracker performance.
AFB Academy
“I can’t wait to perform the Nutcracker!
  I’m always so excited to help with the props for stage.”
                                       Samantha J.   age 9
                                                            Academy Ballerina
7 - 9 years       Class leotard required. 10 - 17 years    Class leotard required. 5 - 7 years       Class leotard required.